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About my WebSite

This website is hosted in my house. My server run the Linux operatif System and has a DSL connexion with the Free Provider.



I name it "server" because it serve services :-). In fact it's an old PC. It was a desktop celeron 400Mhz CPU, 192Mo RAM, 6Go + two 80Go hard disks

Monitoring : http://www.ombrepixel.com/drobert/cgi-bin/summ_week.cgi

Operating System

My server run Red Hat 9. As maintenance and errata support ended I'll install a new Operating System (actually maintained by the Fedora Legacy project (http://fedoralegacy.org/). I'll probably install a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Fork like CentOS.


I use Apache and reStructWeb for this web site

Internet Connection

I use a DSL connection : Free :